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ENGR 100.450:  Harness the Wind – Green Engineering (CLaSP)


Roger De Roo (CLaSP),

Hannah Feustle (TechComm),

Liz Getsoian (TechComm)

Winter Term

Course Description:

An unavoidable consequence of using fossil fuel (usually coal) for electric power production is the creation of carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas primarily responsible for climate change.

Public discussion has revolved around the need to migrate from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. But how? That’s where engineers come in. In this section, you will work with a team to design, build, and test a prototype wind-powered generator. You will also 

    • Explore engineering challenges to using renewable energy as a “green” alternative to fossil fuel
    • Learn concepts of renewable energy
    • Acquire interdisciplinary knowledge of atmospheric science, aerodynamics, mechanics, and electrical engineering.

Term Project: 

Design and fabricate a device that scavenges wind energy to power a light with which to read in a dark place


Measuring with oscilloscopes, operating a wind tunnel, woodworking with machine tools, testing on the roof of CSRB

Drawing of a robot holding sign that says “I love ENGR 100” on whiteboard
Student drilling two pieces of wood together
Black toolbox filled with colorful parts on table in front of classroom