Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education

The Office of the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education has the primary responsibility for the education for the College of Engineering’s undergraduate students.  This includes oversight of curriculum development, assessment, teaching and pedagogy, first year courses, and the College of Engineering’s cross-disciplinary academic programs, including international programs, technical communications, team projects, the multidisciplinary design program, C-SED, and the honors and engagement programs.  In addition, the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education has oversight of the ENGR subject courses within the College.

The Director for Academic Programs, Professor Fred Terry, works with the ADUE in the oversight of several of these areas.

The following units report to the Associate Dean:

In addition, the ADUE supports the Honor Council and Faculty Committee on Discipline, the Scholastic Standing Committee, and the College of Engineering Curriculum Committee.

Joanna M. Millunchick
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education and Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
1261 LEC/2102
Phone:   (734) 647-7150
Fax:        (734) 647-7126



Fred Terry
Director, Academic Programs
1261 LEC/2102
Phone: (734) 764-2244
Fax:      (734) 647-7126

John Callewaert
Director of Strategic Projects
1261 LEC/2102
Phone:  (734) 764-5692
Fax:       (734) 647-7126

Karen Revill
Executive Secretary
1261 LEC/2102
Phone:   (734) 647-7150
Fax:        (734) 647-7126


Laurie Rau
Business Operations Manager
1420 LEC/2102
Phone:   (734) 615-4981
Fax:        (734) 647-7126


Name: Krista Quinn Uniqname: kristaqu Department: Undergraduate Education   Photo: Joseph Xu, Michigan Engineering Communications and Marketing

Krista Quinn
First-Year Programs Coordinator
1422 LEC/2102
Phone:   (734) 647-7114
Fax:        (734) 647-7126