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ENGR 100.130:  Sustainable Materials and User-Centered Design (MSE)


Tim Chambers (MSE),

Kelsey McLendon (TechComm)

Winter Term

Team of four students in lab goggles and lab coats working on experiment

***New Section in Winter 2024. Video coming soon.***

Course Description:

How can we make engineering more sustainable and more beneficial to people and the environment?  If that’s a question you care about, this is the E100 section for you.  This is a course about sustainable materials and user-centered engineering design.  Our goal is to teach sustainable engineering practices that will be useful to nearly all engineers by looking at topics like:

    • Materials selection and life cycle analysis
    • Understanding energy and material flows in manufacturing
    • The future of manufacturing with AI and additive tools creating new materials

We also emphasize social, political, and economic impacts of engineering work in addition to technical fundamentals like applied chemistry and physics.

Term Project:

Design, build, test, and iterate on a novel handheld consumer product each student can take home using computer simulation for predicting performance, additive manufacturing tools for fabrication, and comparison of the “real deal” to theory to improve designs.


Additive manufacturing, computer simulation, metalcasting, and failure analysis in a team-based environment using high-end, research-grade tools

Drawing of a robot holding sign that says “I love ENGR 100” on whiteboard
Student drilling two pieces of wood together
Black toolbox filled with colorful parts on table in front of classroom