Mission Statement

The mission of the College of Engineering’s Extended Reality (XR) Clinic is to develop high-quality XR learning tools that improve and enhance learning experiences for undergraduate students of engineering. For funded projects, we offer in-house development resources as well as support for classroom implementation and research in learning science. Our goal is to build educational infrastructure to promote the use of XR tools in engineering classrooms.

The XR Clinic initiative ties directly to the long-term goal from the office of the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education to support academic innovation, and to the College of Engineering’s mission to introduce new pedagogical methods & advanced tools for the delivery of preeminent engineering education.  New funding proposals are not currently being accepted for the XR Clinic.

Starting in 2019, Michigan Engineering has funded seven projects for the development and assessment of XR tools in courses. Additional funding is available for the purchasing of educational infrastructure so that teaching resources that are developed can be used by the entire College.

In collaboration with the Duderstadt Center, the College has also invested in the physical infrastructure for an XR Clinic – 1401 Duderstadt Center is a 2800sqft room that supports up to 22 XR users for instruction and experimentation.  In addition to the physical infrastructure, the XR Clinic has hired curricular design and assessment experts to participate as part of the design and development team for XR tools for college-level teaching.

Out of focus fence with student using XR glasses in focus