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ENGR 100.910:  Socially Engaged Design of Nuclear Energy Technologies (NERS)


Katie Snyder (TechComm),

Aditi Verma (NERS)

Fall Term

Course Description:

As more people experience the real impacts of climate change, the need for strategic collaboration between design experts and local communities has become more urgent. In this section, you will use XR technologies to learn socially-engaged design and community outreach related to nuclear technologies for global decarbonization. You will cover the following topics:

    • Nuclear reactor design – fission and fusion
    • Socially-engaged design strategies
    • Ethics, equity, and justice frameworks and their applications to engineering design

Term Project

Use XR technologies to collaborate with community members and present a nuclear energy based decarbonization plan to key stakeholders


Working with XR technologies; Learning and applying survey, interview, and focus group based research strategies; GIS-based nuclear reactor siting tools; applying sociotechnical frameworks for assessing clean energy technologies

Student inspecting metal object in hands
Gloved hand examining small disks with radioactive labels
Student smiling while holding detector wand