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ENGR 100.850:  Robotics Mechanisms (ROB)


Kelly Bowker (TechComm),

Nabilah Khachab (TechComm),

Derrick Yeo (ROB)

Fall Term

Winter Term

“They’re going to be able to work with a lot of hardware, which is one of my favorite parts of the class because we get both to code and work with our hands at the same time.” 

– Instructional Aide

Course Description:

Robotics systems are beginning to serve a broad range of new and diverse roles in multiple aspects of modern society. But how are these robots designed and how are they developed? You will learn:

    • Basic robot building and embedded programming skills
    • How to apply the design process to identify a problem and design a solution
    • Instrumentation orientation and digital signals; CODEBREAKER, Bouncy2000, Hand of ROB trio; Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Scanner; robot mission simulation; and CAD

Term Project

Propose a robot application, research the problem and stakeholders, build proof of concept and simulation of application


Exposure to the electro-mechanical processes behind robotic sensing, decision-making, and actuation. Basic embedded software and state-machine formulation.

Two students holding wired parts together
Student controlling moving robot while another takes a picture using phone
Student holding robot while other works on laptop