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ENGR 100.810:  Continuous Improvement & Operations Management (IOE)


Fatima Albrehi (TechComm),

Debra Levantrosser (IOE),

Becky Roberson (TechComm)

Fall Term

“We start with overall engineering principles and then we really dig into what I think is the fun side, which is how can we make processes and people more effective?” 

– Debra Levantrosser, Faculty

Course Description:

Do you ever have to swipe your M card more than once to enter your dorm room? Do you have to stand in a long line at the dining hall just to find they ran out of your favorite dish? In essence, there is always room for improvement in everyday processes. Continuous improvement in processes and operations focuses on consistently applying methods that improve the quality of a product or service. This course provides an overview of engineering design and continuous improvement principles as applied in the production of goods or services in operations management. You will learn:

    • Continuous improvement principles and processes used in industrial, operations, and systems engineering applications
    • How to address and redesign real-world operations using the engineering design process, waste analysis, time studies, queuing theory, etc.

Term Project

Assume role of engineering consultants hired by a client to increase operational productivity; conduct an investigative study of the process and use continuous improvement principles to design, analyze, evaluate, and propose improvements



Three students wearing goggles looking at one laptop screen
Two students looking at laptop while one points towards something on screen
View of laptop screen with colorful graph and files