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ENGR 100.700:  Intro to Aerospace Engineering (Aero)


Christian Casper (TechComm),

Evan Radeen (TechComm),

Peter Washabaugh (AERO)

Fall Term

Winter Term

“My favorite parts were the actual building and testing. We did the programming, the designing, the CAD, simulations for the airflow. It was really important to work as a team.” 

– Student

Course Description:

This course introduces students to practical Aerospace Engineering processes by the means of design, build, test and operation of simple flight vehicles (e.g. hovercraft). This Systems Engineering Experience includes an extensive design-build-test-compete component. You will gain:

    • Exposure to multiple disciplines including Aerospace, Electrical, and Materials Engineering and Atmospheric Physics
    • Hands-on experiences covering nearly all aspects of a real mission including concept proposal, design, fabrication, test, operations, analysis, documentation, and presentation of results

Term Project

Design two variants of a surveillance hovercraft for an extraterrestrial environment (Venus, Mars or Titan) and fabricate and fly a terrestrial model


Experiments with computer simulation tools, fundamental diagnostic instruments, and sensors: multi-meters, power supplies, temperature and pressure sensors, thermal-vacuum systems, micro-controllers and radio-controlled components

Student testing hovercraft vehicle with remote control
Back view of student looking at two hovercraft vehicles on ground outside
Student smiling at another student holding hovercraft vehicle in foreground