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ENGR 100.590:  Wireless Microscopic Ore Rover (WMOR) (ME)


Fatima Albrehi (TechComm),

Xiaogan Liang (ME)

Winter Term

Course Description:

Autonomous and remotely-controlled vehicles are important tools used for exploring terrestrial planets and planet-like moons. In this section, you will design, build, and test a rover system capable of collecting microscale ore particles from an emulated planet surface and transferring particle samples to the onboard microscope for material characterization. You will learn:

    • Knowledge and technical skills from a variety of engineering disciplines, including Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Materials Science, Computer Science, Robotics, and Optics
    • Concept proposal, design, fabrication, system integration, operation testing, data analysis, documentation, and presentation of project results
    • Fundamental hardware and software tools, CAD, 3D printing, image/video editing

Term Project

Design, modify, and build a robotic rover with a mini-size optical microscope, robot arm, and set of optoelectronic/electronic devices


Soldering irons, oscilloscopes, transmitters/receivers, Arduino microcontrollers, and internet-of-things (IoT) devices

Drawing of a robot holding sign that says “I love ENGR 100” on whiteboard
Student drilling two pieces of wood together
Black toolbox filled with colorful parts on table in front of classroom