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ENGR 100.520:  Engineering Wellness: Technologies to Support Physical and Mental Health (BME)


Fatima Albrehi (TechComm),

Robin Fowler (TechComm),

Karin Jensen (BME)

Fall Term

Student in lab attire smiling while pipetting liquid into glass jar

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Course Description:

Wellness is a critical component of everyday life and includes both physical and psychological health. In this course we will explore research and technologies that support wellness, including wearable sensors. Wearable sensors let us track biometric data, which can be readouts of sleep patterns and emotions. You will learn:

    • Physiological measurements related to wellness (e.g., heart rate variability, electrodermal activity) and how they are measured
    • Engineering design process
    • Strategies to support your wellness as a student

Term Project

Conduct benchmark and user studies to redesign a biomedical device


Benchmarking glucometers, ELISA diagnostic test, building a wearable sensor

Team of students in lab attire working on experiment together
Two students in background looking at someone holding a test tube
Students in lab attire side by side removing liquid from petri dish