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ENGR 100.430:  Music Signal Processing (ECE)


Ella Alhudithi (TechComm),

Philip Derbesy (TechComm),

Jeff Fessler (EECS, BME)

Winter Term

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Course Description:

The goals of this course are: (1) to analyze music the way an engineer would analyze an unfamiliar phenomenon; (2) to learn the basics of Fourier signal analysis and synthesis, motivated by observing musical signals; (3) to apply these tools in design projects; (4) to introduce students to oral and written technical communication, working in teams, and problem solving. No previous knowledge of music is necessary.  No calculus or complex numbers is required in the course.  Some prior coding experience (E101) is desirable.

    • Learn the secrets of electronic music synthesizers
    • Learn how to process music digitally using pattern recognition methods
    • Especially relevant for students interested in EE, CE, CS, and BME, or music lovers

Term project: 

Design, propose, code and deploy music processing related projects such as music synthesizers, transcribers, beat boxes, pitch trackers, vocalizers, music learning tools, harmonizers, etc.


Compute frequencies of musical notes using signal processing techniques; apply Fourier signal analysis techniques to music, perform simple digital music synthesis, using the open-source Julia language

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