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ENGR 100.400:  Self Driving Cars, Drones, & Beyond (ECE)


David Garmire (ECE),

TBD (TechComm)

Winter Term

“I had known what a drone was for so long in my life, but I never actually physically interacted with a drone or flown one or anything of that sort. One of the coolest things about this class is you get to fly it…you get to fix it when it crashes. It’s all so cool.” 

– Student

Course Description:

Autonomous systems such as self-driving cars, robots, and drones are being used today in a wide range of applications, from search and rescue to smart farming, from package delivery to the future of mobility. In this section, you will design and validate an engineering solution to enable a novel application based on an autonomous drone using the AirSim engine drone simulator. You will:

    • Implement a flight controller based on knowledge of electronics and using Python (no prior coding experience required)
    • Carry out an engineering project from conceptualization to design, from implementation to validation, and from team work to project management
    • Acquire soft skills such as literature survey and self-learning

Term Project

Propose a novel application of autonomous drone; develop and validate a flight controller for the drone to enable your proposed application.


Experiential learning of key concepts of sensors, feedback control, microprocessors, signal processing, and drone simulator for final project

Student wearing hijab kneeling on ground working on drone
Student on right watching student on left adjust drone parts
Student in goggles holding drone and adjusting parts