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ENGR 100.270:  Next Generation Computing Hardware (ECE)


Pei-Chung Ku (ECE),

Kelsey McLendon (TechComm)

Fall Term

***New Section. Video coming soon*** 

Course Description:

It is not an overstatement that computers are the most important technological achievement of mankind in the 20th century. With “smart” devices becoming part of our daily lives, engineers continue to advance every aspect of computing. In this ENGR 100 section, students will:

    • Brainstorm what future computers may or should look like from the history learned
    • Tour the University of Michigan’s state-of-the-art high-performance computing center and advanced semiconductor chip-manufacturing facilities
    • Explore various futuristic computing hardware, including quantum computing, biological or bio-inspired computing, optical computing, and distributed computing

Term Project:

Design and validate a computing system for a demanding, futuristic application


Build a computer from scratch and learn of the inner workings; See HPCs and chip manufacturing; Explore quantum computers; Explore future human-computer interfaces; Explore optical interconnects & computer vision

three students testing lab equipment
three students testing lab equipment
three students testing lab equipment