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ENGR 100.210:  Writing and Interdisciplinary Collaborative Design (UARTS)


Nathan Byrne (STAMPS),

Grace Hsia Haberl (ENGR, CFE),

Allie Hirsch (STAMPS),

Matthew Thompson (SMTD)

Fall Term

Course Description:

Required course for students participating in Living ArtsEngine, fulfilling FYWR and ENGR 100.

Instructors from five different disciplines will support your exploration of the creative design process through a collaborative, semester-long project: a multimodal essay, that combines architecture, art & design, engineering, music and writing to make an argument, while preparing you to work on interdisciplinary design teams. This project will lead you to explore fascinating processes and questions such as: how can engineers, writers, artists, architects, and musicians can work together to create interactive experiences, use research to inform creative work, and convey arguments in fun, innovative and meaningful ways. In this course you will learn:

    • Interdisciplinary collaboration skills, strategies, and team-based design processes
    • Specific platforms, materials, or processes related to the final team project (TBD)
    • Creative, effective, and reflective communication strategies and skills through writing and presentation

Term Project

The Multimodal Interactive Collaborative Essay (MICE) is centered around interdisciplinary student teams developing a fully playable video game by the end of the semester.


Working in small interdisciplinary teams to employ design thinking, reflective writing, creative iteration, and project/prototype tools and development.