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ENGR 100.150:  A River Runs Through It (CEE)


Ella Alhudithi (TechComm),

Aline Cotel (CEE),

Robert Sulewski (TechComm)

Fall Term

Team of four students in lab goggles and lab coats working on experiment

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Course Description:

A river runs through natural settings, a river runs through urban environments. Most rivers in the world have been impacted by human activities. Our goal is to gain a solid understanding of river dynamics and related ecosystem services. As engineers in this course, you will learn:

    • Fundamental scientific principles at play in aquatic environments
    • Methods to restore habitats for specific ecosystem functions and services 
    • Monitoring tools for long-term sustainable assessment of stream health 

Term Project:

Investigate local stream conditions, identify specific ecosystem functions in need of restoration, design and test a scaled-down prototype (depending on solution chosen) based on local biota needs 


Use laboratory and field diagnostic tools; quantify dominant hydraulic, ecological and biological parameters defining stream health at a local stream field site

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Student drilling two pieces of wood together
Black toolbox filled with colorful parts on table in front of classroom