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ENGR 100.150:  A River Runs Through It (CEE)


Aline Cotel (CEE),

Robert Sulewski (TechComm)

Winter Term

Team of four students in lab goggles and lab coats working on experiment

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Course Description:

A river runs through natural settings, a river runs through urban environments. Most rivers in the world have been impacted by human activities. Our goal is to gain a solid understanding of river dynamics and related ecosystem services. As engineers, we will learn methods and tools to restore habitats for certain aquatic species, stabilize banks, and rehabilitate important natural functions in urban streams.

The section is divided between lectures and field-based activities. A local stream is used as a field site. Students will be involved in first quantifying the dominant hydraulic, ecological and biological parameters defining the stream health. Second, based on the local biota needs, structures for in-stream placements or bank stabilization will be investigated and designed. Monitoring will be undertaken for long-term sustainable assessment and health of the stream.

Term Project

Research and design for river restoration

Drawing of a robot holding sign that says “I love ENGR 100” on whiteboard
Student drilling two pieces of wood together
Black toolbox filled with colorful parts on table in front of classroom