Undergraduate Student Advisory Board (USAB) Roster

Fall 2017*

Name Department Email
Rishi Jashnani   Aerospace Engineering rishiji@umich.edu
Emily Kusulas Aerospace Engineering ekusulas@umich.edu
Kevin Jiang Biomedical Engineering kcjiang@umich.edu
Reid Larsen Biomedical Engineering rolar@umich.edu
Andrea Cicatello Chemical Engineering alcicat@umich.edu
Christian Wire Chemical Engineering iamcpw@umich.edu
Jessica Jana Chemical Engineering jessjana@umich.edu
Gombo Batsukh Civil Engineering gbatsukh@umich.edu
Mary Thandar Civil and Environmental Engineering thandara@umich.edu
Karlie Wells Climate & Space Science & Engineering karliew@umich.edu
  Climate & Space Science & Engineering  
Aaron Liu Computer Science Engineering aaronliu@umich.edu
Amy Rechkemmer Computer Science Engineering rechkamy@umich.edu
Anant Akash Computer Science Engineering aanant@umich.edu
Diana Gage  Computer Science Engineering drgage@umich.edu
Hannah Westra Computer Science Engineering hmwestra@umich.edu
Nathan Gupta Computer Engineering nathankg@umich.edu
Deondre Davis Electrical Engineering deondred@umich.edu
Elliott Clark Electrical Engineering  ellclark@umich.edu
Meghna Menon Electrical Engineering menonmeg@umich.edu
Leila Syal Electrical Engineering syalleil@umich.edu
Abby Plummer  Industrial and Operations Engineering abigplum@umich.edu 
Allison Redfern Industrial and Operations Engineering aredfern@umich.edu
Tanvi Gupta Materials Science and Engineering tanvig@umich.edu
Nicole Chiu Materials Science and Engineering nchiu@umich.edu
Carolina Frey Materials Science and Engineering cahefr@umich.edu
Dalton Geraldo Mechanical Engineering daltong@umich.edu
  Mechanical Engineering  
 Maggie Stagner Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering mfstagn@umich.edu
   Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering  
Flynn Darby Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences fdarby@umich.edu
 Ashwin Rao Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences ashrao@umich.edu
 Natalie Baughan Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences nbaughn@umich.edu
Joanna Millunchick Associate Dean, UGE joannamm@umich.edu
 Karen Revill Assistant to Associate Dean  revk@umich.edu

*Students are self-nominated at the request of departing board member(s) or by a department advisor. The USAB seeks appropriate representation of the student body.