Undergraduate Student Advisory Board (USAB) Roster, Fall 2017*
Name Department Email
Rishiji Jashnani   Aerospace Engineering
Emily Kusulas Aerospace Engineering
Kevin Jiang Biomedical Engineering
Reid Larsen Biomedical Engineering
Andrea Cicatello Chemical Engineering
Christian Wire Chemical Engineering
Gombo Batsukh Civil Engineering
Mary Thandar Civil and Environmental Engineering
Karlie Wells Climate & Space Science & Engineering
Aaron Liu Computer Science Engineering
Amy Rechkemmer Computer Science Engineering
Anant Akash Computer Science Engineering
Diana Gage  Computer Science Engineering
Hannah Westra Computer Science Engineering
Nathan Gupta Computer Engineering
Deondre Davis Electrical Engineering
Elliott Clark Electrical Engineering
Meghna Menon Electrical Engineering
Leila Syal Electrical Engineering
Abby Plummer  Industrial and Operations Engineering 
Allison Redfern Industrial and Operations Engineering
Nicole Chiu Materials Science and Engineering
Carolina Frey Materials Science and Engineering
Dalton Geraldo Mechanical Engineering
Luke Brownlow Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
Flynn Darby Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences
 Ashwin Rao Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences
 Natalie Baughn Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences
Joanna Millunchick Associate Dean, UGE
Linda Peterson Assistant to Associate Dean
Jennifer Wegner Assistant Director for Student Affairs

*Students are self-nominated at the request of departing board member(s) or by a department advisor. The USAB seeks appropriate representation of the student body.