Experiential Learning Framework

Building from the Educational Experience Commission’s work on experiential learning as an important component of a Michigan Engineering education, the Office of the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education has been working with faculty, students, and staff to develop an Experiential Learning Framework for all undergraduate students.  A brief overview of this initiative is provided below.

Competency Resources

The Experiential Learning Framework focuses on the development of 12 professional competencies. We developed assessment resources for course instructors and student group mentors to use to track student development in each of the competencies. The guides are made up of three sections. The first section defines the competency and provides a rubric that describes the competency and its related sub-competencies at three levels of development. The second section provides reflection prompts with corresponding indicators that could be used to assess student development in a given sub-competency. Finally, the third section includes related additional assessment resources that are both direct and indirect measures of student development in the competency. 

A proposal that provides a detailed description of work to date and next steps to achieve the goal of the Framework can be found at this link.   

Whom can I contact if I have questions?
Please contact John Callewaert with any questions, director of strategic projects – Office of the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education (jcallew@umich.edu, 734-764-5692).