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ENGR 100.300:  Food Science and Engineering (ChE)


Lisa Grimble (TechComm),

Laura Hirshfield (ChE),

Dan Moyer (TechComm)

Fall Term

“We think about all of the science and engineering that goes into harvesting, storing, transporting, mass producing, creating innovative food projects. I wanted to have a section that was very approachable to anyone no matter what major you wanted to go into.” 

– Laura Hirshfield, Faculty

Course Description:

In this section of Engineering 100, students learn about the basic scientific and engineering principles involved in food science and engineering. They hone their technical communication and teamwork skills while gaining an understanding of the roles engineers play in food development and manufacturing. Students will:

    • Explore and experiment with the chemical properties of food in our test kitchen style lab
    • Partner with local and national companies to solve real world problems using engineering principles and food production knowledge
    • Showcase project work in our end of semester poster expo

Term Projects

Project 1: Recreate a popular food product, within a dietary constraint

Project 2: Collaborate with local or national food companies to solve a real world food-related problem


Practice experimental design, quantitative & qualitative data analysis, and hands-on lab work by baking and cooking different recipes to explore the impact of and relationships between ingredients

Hand placing red garnish on top of finished food product
Two students scooping mashed food product onto small plastic dishes
Student holding laptop in one arm and tray of vegan ice cream drumsticks lab experiment in the other